My name is Elisabeth Edwards but go by Liz. I can say my life has been different from most. Although you can look at the negative in it I try to bring the positive out of it to make others realize that there are two choices to anything and it is left for you to decide how this will impact you. You can be mad, upset, and angry or try to turn it into a smile and laugh. Turning a lot of these hard situations in my life into a positive is what has got me so far but there has been times I have let it consume me and lead me down the wrong path.

I try to live my life to the fullest I love to be active, learn new things, meet new and different people, take on athletic challenges, and travel. I am also a big animal lover and have a passion for working with chocolate and cooking.

I plan to post recent and past stories of my life along with some fun days in my kitchen to training plans for upcoming races.