I stood in what is going to be our new home. Flooring samples spread on the floor looking out at the windows blocked out by all the vines and trees growing through the porch. My mind is going a million miles per hour. How can I get out of this when I file for devorice? I have 3 more weeks before I can do anything and everything is already set in stone. Is it possible and should I ask him to leave for Peru sooner?  What if this is what helps Brett and I’s relationship?

Liz! Liz! LIZ!

Yeah, sorry just in deep thought about the flooring.

“Are you ready to go eat? Mom said the kids are done hunting for Easter Eggs and they are ready to eat?”

Sure but I have to get a short run in afterwards then we can spend the rest of the day together.

A beautiful day a lite breeze and the perfect day to run as hard as I can up the hill on Curry Lane. Looking at my watch as I hit my hand on the stop sign with a big grin on my face. 7 min/mile pace up a steep hill not bad at all. I can see my self winning my age group In the Ironman Kansas 70.3 I know I will. I see Brett driving by and I decide I did a very good run why not spend some time with him and got into the pick up.

What an amazing run!


Mondays are the fresh start to a week. A day I go through and plan my week set new goals go over the ones I didn’t complete from the last and what to do in order to complete them. Truck was late at work and my area was a disaster! Did Kay Do Anything??

Strawberries were empty in the case but none of them were touched in the back cooler from when I left on Saturday. Boxes of potatoes that had been pulled but none had been gone through just left for me to do. I made my list of things I needed to get done that would take anyone else a week or more to do and set my self to finish it in the next two days. Looks like I will be working all day tomorrow when it was supposed to be my day off.. This is mine though and what I had wanted so I can do it.

Norm noticing the load of work I had on my hands and helped me for awhile and asked me to make a list for his son who was my evening helper. Norm could be to some a great leader but he would only give his time to people he felt like has potential. Something I had learned from him is when you come across a problem instead of bitching and complaining about it use that energy to solve the problem.  Dwelling on the problem is running in place. Lets just say a lot of the workers there spent a great deal of time running in place.

Lunch time came around I had grabbed my self a Raspberry Bing and 2 discounted Strawberry Shortcakes that I paid a little more for just so it wouldn’t show as to big of a loss in my department.

At home my mind was racing of things I needed to get done at work when Brett told me about his morning. The house was a mess and I rushed around picking up in between bites of my shortcake. Then rushed back to work.

4:30 hit and I was mentally drained. I went upstairs and told Norm I am going to leave early and I will just come back in tomorrow to order and try to get everything back in order. Today’s my day off from training but I have to releave some of my stress and I am going on a ride. Embarrassed because this was the first time I had left that early and left my area a mess. Norm understood and told me to go and rest.

I rushed inside and decided I’m going to do a full bike and run tonight and threw on my race gear. I got on Facebook and seen this incridble post of a runner in the Bosten Marathon collapsing near the finish and other runners stoppend and carried them to the finish line. I was always afraid of posting things but this post I had to share it was inspiring. I said good bye to Daisy, Pookie, and Duck. Once I got to the shop to get my bike I noticed I had forgotten my keys. I called Brett who was very upset with me and asked if he could bring his keys to me.

Finally he showed up very upset with me. I told him I was sorry and that when I get back I will order a Pizza and we can enjoy the evening together. I tried to be warm and loving to take away the anger but there was no way of getting a “I Love You” Out of him.

Off I go! As I hit Curry Lane I would normally hit the start on my watch but I was more focused and the wind on my face and trying to pace my breathing. A maroon Pick up and another vehicle had stopped in the middle of the road by a home with a horse shoe drive. I looked at them as I passed. I seen my old Teacher and Forensics coach and a man.
As I reached the stop sign I seen another truck a head of me throwing up dirt and another cyclist heading the oppesit way of my normal route. I looked down at my watch to see what my average speed had been. “SON OF A BITCH!!!” I had forgot to press start on my watch.
I looked both ways the pick up in front of my waved me on and I turned down Isabel Road determind to make this training ride a success.
Quarter of a mile and my average speed is great! I look behind and see 2 vehicles behind me but distant enough to swerve over and miss the chunks of road missing from an area. The first car passes and I wave big seeing it was the couple I had worked with. Moments later…

“STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! I feel my body being thrown back.

Everything Is grey
“I’m okay! Really I’m okay!”
Thinking “Pain is Mental. Pain is Mental!”

Moment of nothing everything is black…..

A women’s prayer breaks through….I feel a warm and kind hand holding mine.

Blackness comes again…..

Grayness comes back again and I scream


Moment of Black again….

Brett “Liz!!! Liz!! Don’t move don’t move!! Don’t Move!” Can you feel this?


Brett “Liz keep your head still! Don’t move!”

Black again……..