I had been struggling with depression for several months. I had cut off my only friends in Wichita because of what happened New Years eve, Brett was no longer talking to me because of some of my believes, and my Papa and I were always fighting when he was home and he has recently found the cuts on my arm that I typically had covered with a black wrist band. I had felt like the best thing that was going for me in my life was Forensics which is an extra curricular activity at school were you go to other schools and compete in drama. I had done a piece that I could let out a lot of what was building up inside of me and bring the whole room to tears. Nothing made me feel so much better then when I got to the part I through the chair and screamed “I HATE THE WORLD AND EVERYONE IN IT!” then break down and cry. No one knew how weak I was or how much anger and hurt I was going threw but I felt like it was a good way to get it out and have no one know.
Grandma and Grandpa’s house was dark and gloomy which was not the normal atmosphere for their home. I set on the coach with Papa as he read through The Wichita Eagle newspaper. I set with my elbow on the chair rail dazed off as always when he threw the page with all the animals for sale at me and said “Lets pick out a dog preferably a Cocker Spaniel.” I can’t even begin to explain that feeling. It was like that gloomy March day turned into a beautiful summer day in July. I ran to my grandparents phone and started calling my dad set the price to no more than $300.00. I called everyone on the list and was in tears when I got to the last ad. I looked at my Papa in tears and said “Everyone wants $500. I’m not even going to call this person because if everyone wants $500 then so will they.” My grandma was sitting in her chair embroidering when she looked up at me with her ornery smile and made her typical Jolly sounding “AAAAHHHH” which has to be genetic since my Papa and I both do it. Papa told me to call and if they cant do 300.00 then we will wait until next week there will be more. I was so happy I didn’t give up that day! They were 30 minutes out side of town and Papa and I head straight out the door.
The house was a little ran down and two women lived their. They let all of there puppies outside to great us. I set down on the grass was getting so much love from all these puppies but one little blond one that was to busy distracted by something between the grass and sidewalk. I pointed at it and asked is that one a girl? they said Yes and one lady said “She is the most energetic and loving one of them all she sleeps with us every night. I don’t know if I want to sell her” I looked at my Dad disappointed because I had already fallen in love with this puppy. He then asked the Ladies if they would take $300 for the puppy and they looked at each other and after a few minutes of back and forth they agreed with $300. I carried my new best friend to the truck. Leaving the house the cute little blond puppy would not sit still she was all over the truck. Pap asked me so what are we going to name her. Annabel! Papa looked at me disgusted. I then looked at her and seen chunks of my Daisy’s that my Grandma gave me hanging from her mouth and all over the truck floor. My dad and I started laughing and I said I guess its Daisy even though that’s everyone’s dogs name.
The first week with Daisy I ended up getting in a fight and was suspended for 3 days and was my 3rd and last suspension for the year. I always tried to use them wisely but this girl was having some anger problems that day and decided to slap me and run, not thinking I wasn’t going to do something about it because I had looked for moments like it.
My Dad wasn’t mad at me about what I had done when I told him but he was irate at the fact Daisy needed time to be alone in the house because she cried for hours when we would leave her alone. My suspension started on Wednesday so I felt like I was on a Vacation. At least I had thought. That whole week I did nothing but mop floors every hour! She would not go outside!
I believe this dog had saved my life. I started to try a little more in all aspects of life. she distracted me from thinking of New Years Eve although I was still having nightmares about it, I had stopped cutting my self and never even thought about it, and even started working on spelling in hopes maybe Brett will talk to me again and possibly go to prom with me although that wasn’t the reason he didn’t like me.
As she got comfortable her favorite toy was a stuffed Taco Bell Dog that every time she would bite down on it would say “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” over and over and over again. Her favorite treat was Hot Tamales that I used to train her to say “I Love You” took 2 hours of saying it over and over again but she never forgot it after that.
Summer weeks bored out of my mind wondering when my Dad was coming home we would spend running around the house and jumping up on chairs and objects listening to “I’m Bouncing Off The Walls Again” by Sugarcult on repeat as loud as the stereo could go.

Those moments I use to spend alone in the middle of no where for days didn’t feel so lonely now that I had Daisy. My best friend!