Growing up I was always told by my Dad to “Dare to be different”. So everything I did I did to stand out from everyone. Although some of the best advice my Dad had given me we all at some point or another copy from another. Whether it be an article of clothing, an action, or a good and sadly a bad deed.

As a child when I happened to copy something off another it would be frowned upon. You were a “Copy Cat” which in return made me feel un-unique and that it was something you were not supposed to do. Once again following in a bad example I carried this into my older years by being upset when my husband-at the time boyfriends-younger siblings would copy everything I had or did right down to my hand writing.

Today after getting off the phone with a friend I realized something that was almost mind-blowing!

In our discussion we were talking about negativity in others. I told her how at a point were I was at rock bottom she had sent me inspirational quotes that helped me get through those hard times. I continued to tell her that I later came across someone who was very pessimistic and felt like If I did what my she had done for me maybe it will help this person get through their problems.

I was a little embarrassed to admit to my friend that I had copied her but she didn’t think a thing of it. It made me realize that she had made a positive impact on my life and I was in return passing it on.

This then made me think of Cocoa Dolce, the place that inspired me to be a Chocolatier. When  I started I had copied a lot of their chocolates of course not recipes but making all of my products look just like theirs and same flavors, which for years ate at me because there hard work I was copying. I did this because I was unexperienced. It wasn’t until they let me come work in their kitchen even though the owner had seen what I was doing she still let me come into her kitchen and had me work off her recipes there. They showed me how to make a better product and the formula to make my own recipes.

I just now made have realize after my friend and I’s discussion that the owner seen a love for what she does in me and gave me the tools to start being unique. She was never threatened or worried about me copying her recipes because she know she had inspired me to become a chocolatier and once I was shown how to do it then I can start coming up with my own collections.

So as I look back why are we so offended when others copy us? Instead we should feel honored because someone has been inspired by us and because we have made an impact on their life they will in turn pass on.

So lets take the time to think of the people who have done things that have inspired us to do the same as them because it made us feel good and gave us a boost. Then give them a call or send them a note and let them know what they have done that inspired you and how you might have passed it on to others.